Sunday, April 26, 2009

Obama asks for ideas on curbing federal spending

Think you can do better than your federal boss?
President Obama wants to know how.

Here are some ideas !

1- Be more of a President and less of a Hollywood Star
2- Enact a 0% income tax for 1 year to all taxpayers and a lifetime No taxes for Seniors with less than $500K/Year combined income
3- Let the car industry restructure itself without bailout money
4- Let the bank industry restructure itself without bailout money
5- Tap US natural resources now and begin new resources development
6- Fire all lobbyists immediately in all 3 executive branches
7- Stop blaming other people for current situation and take responsibility
8- Restart all US manufacturing now, electronics, metallurgy, textile, agriculture
9- Suspend all unions contracts -no exceptions- for 2 years
10- Every spent dollar should go toward creating a permanent job, *not a temporary job*
11- Stop the blaming game and take responsibility for current situation.
12- Please get rid of the teleprompters and speak with your heart

If Obama can only do these 12 steps he will honor his campaign promises.

Well, I Say:

Obama has potential to be a great president if he can show the courage to rid his administration of all the blood suckers, the lobbyists, interest groups, and all the others that want to be popular.

Being President of the United States of America is not a popularity contest; you swore to uphold the Constitution, so, please live-up to it.
Keep America a democracy where Freedom and Civil Liberty is still treasured, and still has a meaning across this planet earth; renounce Socialism and be a strong leader; America does not want an other apology tour!

Then, only then, you, President Obama, will be remembered as a great president that save the day.