Monday, May 26, 2008

Price of Oil Off the Roof !

Funny how the price of oil has been going one way up, up and only up since the Democrats have been running the show ... House and Congress.... !

Nancy Pelosi said that she had a great plan in 2006 to reduce the price of gas then at $2.55 / Gal.

Well I say:

Makes you think ! ... doesn't it ?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hillary has a Point !

I am not particularly a Clinton fan but I must admit that she really has a good point with regards to the states of Michigan and Florida voters.



- Florida and Michigan both opted for early primaries;

- The DNC strongly objected yet both states went ahead with their respective plans;

- Senator Obama chose to remove himself from the ballots;

- Senator Clinton won both primaries uncontested;

- The DNC stripped  Florida and Michigan from their delegates and Clinton's primaries won delegates.

- Obama argues that Clinton won both primaries because he was not on the ballots;

Note that Obama chose not to be part of both primaries therefore forfeited all delegates.


Well, I say !


Go for it Hillary Clinton !

You fought both Michigan and Florida races and you won square and fair ! You go Girl !


Should the DNC not give Hillary the delegates that she legally won, then the DNC is just a travesty of the electoral process, an insult to our democracy that our Forefathers fought so hard for, and sheer abuse of power bordering communist pigs .

Monday, May 19, 2008

Politically Correct Eggs !

In a world where everything and everybody needs to be so Politically correct, what are the repercussions on Eggland Best Eggs ?

Well I say !

Eggland Best Eggs shall, from this day forth, be known as:

Eggland Best......

"Them poor Little Chickens that never had a chance to be"

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Polar Bear Threatened ?

The environmentalists are huffing and puffing about Polar Bears being threatened and argue that they should be on the protected list.

Why suddenly are these people so against evolution ?

Somewhere during the mid-Pleistocene period, a number of grizzly bears (Ursos arctos) became isolated by glaciers. Many probably perished on the ice; however, not all disappeared, some survived. Every grizzly litter varies in coat thickness, coat color etc., which imparts a slight evolutionary advantage to some individuals of each litter. These successful individuals underwent a series of evolutionary changes in order to survive (survival of the fittest). Nowdays, polar bears are adapted to their harsh northern environment.

Today, we find that the grizzly and polar bears are coming full circle. Yes, the Kodiak and Polar bears are getting it done !

Well I Say !

Welcome, ... Welcome ursid hybrid to modern day's Earth !

Changes are normal part of evolution as it has occurred for the past 4.5 Billion years on the 3rd rock from the sun. Let it Be !

Links references:

National Geographic

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Food Supplies in Crisis !

Food staples are becoming sparse

Prices rocketing 50% in 2 years

The World becometh hungry

Caused by extremist environmentalists

That dare to call themselves scientists

Ethanol is the priority #1

for the Green blood of humanity

Now Flows in your hands and gas tanks.

well I say !

To you all:

Tree Hugging,

Tofu Eating,

Phat Farting Fairies,

Thank you !

And Keep up the good work!

Mankind depended on you!