Saturday, May 2, 2009

Could Obama end NSA?

Gregory Nojeim, senior counsel for the Center for Democracy and Technology, said his group had urged that the task of ensuring cybersecurity be given to the Department of Homeland Security, not the National Security Agency / NSA.

The cybersecurity chief named to battle Internet viruses and larger challenges facing the information technology networks, used by U.S. companies and DOD, should be based in the White House, experts told a congressional panel on Friday. The NSA, he argued, was ill-suited for the job of ensuring that the lightly regulated Internet was kept up and running. "I think it's a very difficult thing for them to handle," he said.

It's been known for many years that the Democrats have feared the NSA so much that, should this agency be dismantled, it would be perceived as a blessing to all democrats in all branches of government. Remember the wiretaps that kept us safe for so many years were fought by the democrat controlled congress and stopped.

Surely the NSA has plenty of computing power and extraordinary experience and people ready to deal with hackers.

It seems to me that every democratic congress has worked toward limiting the NSA's abilities to perform the very tasks for which they were created by President Truman in 1952.

Since it appears that, under the new administration, every aspect of government must be controlled - at the WhiteHouse - under Obama's own eye, I see our civil liberties and security rapidly eroding, day by day, slowly morphing the United States of America into a Socialist state.

Well, I Say:

Is America the beautiful soon to be no more
be replaced by the DPRO, The Democratic People's Republic of Obama ???