Saturday, March 1, 2008

Green: The New Red, White and Blue ???

Some 50,000 years ago, (at the end of the most recent global cooling) the Global Warming of planet Earth gave birth to mankind as we know it today.

As the millennia passed and the global climate warming trends took place, Man slowly evolved into what what we are today. Global Warming finally got us all out of our caves. With global climate temperatures steadily rising and the ice caps slowly recessing, what was white and frozen in time became green; exploding flora vibrant and animated with new and immensely diverse lifeforms no human eye had ever gazed upon before.

The early Man also evolved with the warming trends becoming more active, making tools, exploring new territories, developing a society etc... And soon, here we are; electricity, communications, birth of transportation by air, sea and ground, computers and the space program where we now explore other planets and are trying to understand the universe and the purpose of "us being".

Well!, I Say:
Thank you Global Warming, thank you for my existence and the existence of my fellow earthlings.

I will tell you that after viewing the "Green: The New Red, White and Blue" by Thomas Friedman I have concluded the following:

Friedman Please do the World a Favor ... Please substantiate your assumptions with real data (not the AL Gore crap). Furthermore, save some energy and a couple thousand trees by not publishing your book. It's ridiculous to use 100 years of data, while there is 4 billion years of history on this planet. Get Real !

Oh Yeah, I forgot ..... Friedman, King of Inconsistency, works for the New York Times ....
The masters of Misinformation holding the hand of the Grand Vizier of Constructed Fear. Quite a combo!

Ah! .. That all make sense now !

Well I Say:

Save The planet! get rid of the New York Times and Friedman's Typewriter!
and re-title this book "Green: Green, Green and Green for Friedman's Pocket!"

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nekkid said...

Yes, fabricated fear sells really well in our schizogenic world where people pay to be frightened. I suppose the payoff is the hormonal 'rushes' and consequent relief from apathy or 'depression'. I wish I could remember how Dorothy Parker of the 'Vicious Circle' wittily termed that apathetic 'nothingness'. Y'all drop by.