Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hillary has a Point !

I am not particularly a Clinton fan but I must admit that she really has a good point with regards to the states of Michigan and Florida voters.



- Florida and Michigan both opted for early primaries;

- The DNC strongly objected yet both states went ahead with their respective plans;

- Senator Obama chose to remove himself from the ballots;

- Senator Clinton won both primaries uncontested;

- The DNC stripped  Florida and Michigan from their delegates and Clinton's primaries won delegates.

- Obama argues that Clinton won both primaries because he was not on the ballots;

Note that Obama chose not to be part of both primaries therefore forfeited all delegates.


Well, I say !


Go for it Hillary Clinton !

You fought both Michigan and Florida races and you won square and fair ! You go Girl !


Should the DNC not give Hillary the delegates that she legally won, then the DNC is just a travesty of the electoral process, an insult to our democracy that our Forefathers fought so hard for, and sheer abuse of power bordering communist pigs .

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