Sunday, July 20, 2008

Obama 08 the Rock Star

So, the press is Star Struck with Obama !

Kabul, Afghanistan

By Agent Orange Blossom

On this day, Senator Obama visited Afghanistan.

Obama had breakfast with some troops earlier today, played some basketball and met with President Karzai. Obama later used the 4th stall in the second "Barack" surrounded by 22 armed guards and had a long pee lasting 77.62 seconds with 2 extra squirts followed by a gentle yet brisk shake. A guard, near the west wall reportedly heard a short sigh of relief form Obama's beautiful tenor like voice.

On his way out of Kabul, an Obamargency was declared at 14:07:17 GMT as the senator found 6 grains of sand embedded in his 5th set of underwear. The emergency was later resolved by 6 aides who had to use an electron microscope expressly flown from Germany to extricate the pesky micro-rocks form these priceless purple with green polka dots underpants given by his lovely wife Michelle Obama, an excellent lawyer with beautiful shiny hair, on their 187th kiss.

Senaror McCain had a nap today.

Well I say:

To the press of America, we are looking to choose a President, not the next top model.

Fair and Balance press...... in my underwear !!!

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