Sunday, March 1, 2009

OBAMA, The Socialist Way.

I remember my predictions from last July at Starbucks ......

So far I was right on .

The Obama "tax the rich" plan will mostly hurt the small businesses with 1 to 250 employees. The large Mega-Business will not hurt so much because they have so may ways to write off all sort of expenses.

Obama said he does not want to socialize the banking system yet he demanded the banks to convert the TARP loans from preferred stock to common stock. This is a hostile take-over in progress.

Obama said he wants the USA to be energy independent... Nice ! So, why did he reverse the offshore drilling and the oil shale policies and permits 3 days ago. So, as of today we are still giving away $800 Billions a year to the Middle-East for oil ! Outsourcing anyone... !

Obama promised no PORK in the budget .... yet the new $510 Billions budget that was approved last week has 8,764 earmarks.

As of today Obama is copiously spending $100 Billions a day since he took office. I remember a Senator Obama bitching and raising hell on The President Bush 1.2 Trillion budget 8 months ago.... Obama just proposed a 3.5 Trillion Budget for 2009

What really get me is that Obama will deliver a beautiful hypnotic speech then turn around and does the exact opposite of what he preached.

So , in a certain wicked, twisted sort of way, Obama thrives on biting-off the hands of the very people that fed him the white house.

So, as far as I am concerned, in my books, Obama is the "Serpent with the Golden Tongue" !

Well, I Say:

Nice piece of work BHO ! Socialism is back, and is back to stay for a long long time.

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