Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye West & Republicans & Democrats

Democrats call republicans liars, Republicans call democrats liars .... Politics are very dirty and Politicians are fair game !

But, when it comes to Stars, Actors, Signers .... well! things are a bit different. These people are often regarded as role models.... except when it come down to Kanye West who just happen to be a drunken sour-puss that has no self respect, is too good for himself and is a genuine, certified jackass that makes his peeps look bad!

He should apologize **On his knees** to teenager signer Taylor Swift, and all the people that watch MTV (if there are any left)

But that probably won't happen, everybody will forget in a couple days... and Kanye West will again be the hero that utilizes bad language to make piles of money in order to finance his crib, his goonies and bad habits!

Well, I Say:

Well done Kanye West, You are one certified Low Life JackAss

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