Sunday, July 11, 2010

Failure is an Option, That's How we Learn Someting!

The problem with technology isn't technology itself, it's the people who use it.
Anything that can't be accomplished with our own body involves & require technology at some degree . It's an augmentation of the human body's capacities. It can be a knife, a car, a rocket and anything in between.

We can't kill yourself running as fast as we can into a solid wall of rock, yet, at 60 Mph with a little help form technology, death appears mostly certain.

So, why blame technology when something goes wrong and praise humanity when some goes right? Biased a bit if you ask me..... Yes, Technology will go wrong; it's destined.

Yet, in the end, Technology will do more good than bad.

Welcome to the real world !

Well, I Say:

Thank you Technology, Thank you for helping me be more than I could.

Failure is an option; that's how We learn something.

We take risks in hopes to be more and that's how we progress.

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